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Programs for linear and non-linear least squares fitting

© Copyright 1998, Arthur G. Palmer, III.

The CurveFit program is a general fitting program designed for batch use. It can be used to fit R1 inversion recovery and R2 CPMG relaxation data for subsequent use in ModelFree, among other uses. It is available as a compiled executable for SGI and Linux computers. If you need access to source code or executables for other computer architectures, please contact Arthur G. Palmer (agp6@columbia.edu).

Version History

1.0 Initial version (not public)
1.1 Initial public release (12/10/98)
1.2 New command line features incorporated (12/28/98)
1.21 Gradient for inversion recovery and exponential+offset functions corrected (9/20/99)
1.22 Changed convergence criteria to avoid getting trapped in a local minimum at the first iteration (12/19/99)
1.23 Added functions for fitting model-free formalism to reduced spectral density data (8/3/01)
1.30 Updated for Linux support (4/26/02)
1.40 Updated for Mac PPC and Intel-based computers; support for SGI ended.
look at the CurveFit manual

download CurveFit for Macintosh Intel computers

download CurveFit for Linux computers

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